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Song Review – The Offramps “Abrasive Personality” from the album Hate It When You’re Right 

Sometimes you have to take a little journey back in time to catch up with musical memories and those good tunes that hang out back there in your deep consciousness.  I was kicking around listening to some High On Stress which for some reason reminded me of this band from the 00’s.  I tracked them down on Bandcamp to find this 2006 release on the page for Jeremy Porter and the Tucos (who you might also want to check out:).  The songs on this album really highlight the great music that can be delivered by three-piece alt-county bands. 

Good guitar entry on this track and somehow the opening line,  “I used to have some friends to ignore, ’til they went away…” recalls a piece of my own history.    Solid bass and drums set a foundation for that squealing guitar that you know you miss…just a little… even if you do not want to admit it.  

You can check out more of the music and information on the Bandcamp page https://jeremyporter.bandcamp.com/

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