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Song Review -Off With Their Heads “Be Good” from the album Calm / Collected 

Hey!  Great news for me (and hopefully some of you) as there is a new Off With Their Heads release just out this week 🙂  

I selected this track (which leads off the album) as it is such a good example of the great music this band puts together every time to surround the raw emotions of Ryan Young’s lyrics.   This song comes in lightly on some guitars and a simple drum beat that provides an effective foundation for the moment when Ryan comes in with that raspy and powerful voice.  I always tell people when you want sincerity in your song lyrics…just listen to OWTH.   And a special high five moment for the slightly odd way this track goes out…you will have to listen to it yourself and see what you think.

If you have the inclination, this entire album is really good and definitely worth a purchase.  

You can check out more of the music and information on the Bandcamp page https://dasowth.bandcamp.com

As always, remember to support your local bands and businesses – community is powerful 🙂 

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