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Song Review – SLOT “Sick Joke” from the album Limbo

Just to start off…I want to thank Max Detrich from the band for reaching out to me about this album (and the band itself as I have to admit they were off my radar…mistake corrected:) 

There is a nice little peaceful section of about ten seconds at the beginning of this song, a calming prelude, before it kicks into a driving bass beat from Max that fuels the rest of the track.  Combine that with some brash drums sounds and the vox from Abby and you have a high-energy industrial punk arrangement that makes for a great listening experience.  

A couple of side notes…check out the video on YouTube for some vintage exercise footage (priceless nostalgia:).   They also have another release on Bandcamp that features an earlier version of Drusilla (last track on the Limbo release) that definitely warrants a listen.  

This album is on pre-order right now and you should definitely grab a copy…maybe even spring for the limited edition cassette:)

You can check out more of the music and information on the Bandcamp page https://slotmp3.bandcamp.com/music



As always, please remember to get out and support your local artists, musicians and venues…community is powerful 🙂 

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