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Song Review -The Big Shaboozie  “Mr. Phony” from the album Mr. Phony EP  

If you have caught any of this band’s music prior to the release of the current EP there will be a nice, familiar feel to this song.  There is a great groove to this track that carries you along from a slightly muted lead-in to some nice drums and guitars.  The supplemental vocals tracks here also add some good layers of atmosphere  – there is some real depth there especially if you slap on some cans and really drop into the sounds for a bit.  

For some extended listening pleasure (aside from the rest of this EP) check out their Shades of Faces album – you will not be disappointed.  

You can check out more of the music and information on the Bandcamp page https://thebigshaboozie.bandcamp.com

Hey, it is summer!  Get out there and experience your local area – community is powerful.  

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