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Song Review -Avenues “Supersonic” from the album We’re All Doomed 

I have always liked a hard-driver of a song and this one is a great example of just that kind of energy.   It comes in with some crisp, heavy drums and gets right to the point.  Much of the track maintains that initial drive but I really liked the bridge at the one-minute mark. It provides a nice contrast to the rest of the song while still maintaining the sonic feeling of the music.  The production quality is also well done with the vocals clearly out front while maintaining a good instrument mix in the very near background.   The lyrics are fun but also a little creepy (“she locks the cellar door behind her”) and the energy is…well, like everything else that Avenues does so well.  

Side note there that their video for “Lights Out” is a cool Halloween-type production and worth a look.  

You can check out more of their music and information on the Bandcamp page

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