Song Review – Bill Scorzari “All Behind Me Now” from the album The Crosswinds of Kansas

Ahh…Bill Scorzari…this guy has long been a favorite of mine, mostly for his storytelling ability and his off-hand, sometimes slightly eccentric delivery.  It is incredibly effective and his songs…well they hit home.  He knows how to sing about real life.  

Honestly every track on this album is excellent but I chose this one to review for a few reasons:  

  • The beginning melody is so well done, it make me think it must be like what nostalgia sounds like when it is mixed with a bit of wistful thinking. 
  • Lyrically I think this is one of the strongest on the album.  Lines like, “I’ll put all of my thoughts into a new straw hat, and say I don’t have to care and leave you there with that,” well, are just awesome. 
  • There is an organ on this track (played by Danny Mitchell) that adds something special…it is just a very unique sound. 

A special note here for the collection of musicians on this album.  There is a wide-range of instruments across these songs and these musicians are stellar – they really build tone and space around Bill’s lyrics & guitar.  

You can check out more of the music and information on the Bandcamp page

As always – please get out there and support your local businesses and artists – community is powerful 🙂