Song Review – Jordan Carr & The Boys “Rail Vodka” from the album Rail Vodka

I just felt the need to start out the year 2023 with a shout-out to one of my very favorite Minnesota musical groups.  I know that this one goes back a long ways but hey, you still really need to check it out.  Whether going solo or with his group The Boys, Jordan Carr can sing some very meaningful songs.  

This particular track has its very obvious meaning whether you know the whole story behind it or not.  You can check out the video on Youtube to get some context if you have the time.  The lyrics are stark enough and woven well into what starts out as a simple guitar moment.  It is well developed as time moves along into a much deeper song, cutting into a punchy rhythm section and several soaring guitar moments from Jordan Riggs.  

And a lyric like “I miss you in a way that makes me talk to the sky…” well, is just damn good.  

You can check out more of the music and information on the Bandcamp page

Hey, it is a New Year…and you still should support all of your local talent and businesses – community is powerful!