Song Review – Rid of Me “Traveling” from the album Traveling 

Well, I meant to post this as a “hot release” right when Rid of Me released this debut album on Bandcamp (12.03.2021)…however, I am late 😦  So, with apologies….

This song delivers exactly what Rid of Me have in their tagline “heavy, melodic punk” and in this case that is a good thing.  I am sure we have all heard the bad version of this genre and it does not go well.  This is the other kind.  The overlay of sound is so entrancing that I did not mind having to hunt around a little to pick up the underlying lyrics.  And those words are quite interesting all to themselves.  I spent several long minutes figuring them out and what they mean to me and you also might find it a useful exercise.   It will get your imagination working for sure.  Being mostly unfamiliar with this band, I did a quick search and found a slightly disturbing but riveting video for the song “Dealing” which is also off of this record.   You can check that at and I am sure in the other usual places.   This is a solid release  and the rest of Traveling measures up well and gets my recommendation.  I have to get out and see this gang live somewhere for sure:)  

You can check out more of their music and information on their Bandcamp page

As always…support your local bands and artists and buy direct from the source when you can – community is powerful!