Song Review – Same Eyes “Silence” from the album Victory 

Sometimes I just like to have my mid-80’s Psychedelic Furs moments and today happened to be on one of those days.  Hate me if you want to but seriously…

This track has that pleasant nostalgia of those days for me…it is not a rip-off of any particular song though as it is definitely an original.  It just calls back to so many of those elements that I was chasing around back then, bouncing between The Clash, PIL, The Suburbs, Black Flag…and hell yes, even those Psych Furs.  It was quite the collection.

Right away, the synth kicks in, announcing its twanging presence before the backfill drum beat kicks in to lead us into those airy vocals.  The pacing has that pleasant dance groove to it, not the rave beat, just that slow, weaving rhythm where you lose yourself in the song’s atmosphere.    You can get comfortable here and chill out for a good long time.  Well done! 

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